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You're Not Getting Any Younger

Sep 7, 2018

Today’s episode is all about happiness! Our guest Dr. Jenny Taitz is a board certified therapist in cognitive behavioral therapy and author of the book “How to be Single and Happy” -- although her words of wisdom could really apply to anyone, single or not! In this episode, Jenny gives her best advice on discovering the joys of doing things solo, honing in our our self-awareness, and what to stop doing and start doing to be truly and utterly happy.


This episode includes:

  • Jenny’s drive to help people whose happiness has been compromised by the dating culture
  • Jen and Jenny talk about the phrase “I’m going to end up alone” and how anticipated loneliness can affect our intellectual abilities
  • Jen and Jenny reflect on the differences between men and women who experience loneliness
  • Why we should get comfortable with rejection in dating and in life
  • Jen describes how social media can skew our perceptions of what’s going on around us
  • Jenny discusses the harm in rumination: why we attach current thoughts to past thoughts
  • The struggles of online dating and what to do when the game of swiping is leaving you discouraged
  • The importance of finding your hobbies and Jen’s advice for how to identify things you love that will put you in a position to meet others
  • Jenny’s tells us the best way to cheer ourselves up when we’re feeling down
  • Why Jenny says we should be careful about acting how we feel