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You're Not Getting Any Younger

Jun 25, 2018


News stories are such a big part of our lives, but how often do you get to really get to know the stories of the people telling them? Today I had the honor of hearing part of Emma Gray’s story -- a senior reporter focusing on women’s issues.


This episode includes:

  • Starting a conversation about mental health online: Emma’s discusses a powerful statement she recently made on Twitter
  • Emma talks about what she studied in college and how she got into writing
  • Jen and Emma talk about diving headfirst into their work and learning through your mistakes
  • What Emma has learned from getting critical feedback and online
  • Why you cannot have a dialogue with a person unwilling to have a dialogue with you
  • Emma talks about prioritizing mental health and “muting” the haters
  • Covering women’s issues during the last presidential election and the emotional rollercoaster that followed the results
  • Emma talks about writing her book: A Girl's Guide to Joining the Resistance: A Feminist Handbook on Fighting for Good
  • Emma and Jen reflect on the power in telling your own story
  • Getting involved with your local elections and the importance of paying attention to things affecting your community
  • Emma talks about the Bachelor-themed podcast she co-hosts: Here to Make Friends
  • Lightning round: learn what Emma really wanted to be when she grew up