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You're Not Getting Any Younger

Jan 31, 2020

Planning for the future can seem fuzzy and frustrating. But what if you laid out everything you want to accomplish in a fun and easy way? Vision boards. This week's guest, Kendall Covitz Nicholson decided she needed to put something powerful and positive out into the world. A company that inspires you to live your...

Jan 24, 2020

Answer this: do you have a list of 25 accomplishments? In your life, you have done thousands of things. Where's your list of the top 25? In this episode, Jen Glantz helps listeners take inventory on their life, own their past and create a plan for their future. 


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Jan 17, 2020

Public speaking alone is a bit of a nightmare for some people - and we can start off with a tool we all have that we can easily adjust to work in our favor - our voice. Guest, Casey Erin Clark is a professional actress who, after 18 months on tour with Les Miserables co-founded Vital Voice Training, a voice and...

Jan 10, 2020

Jen Glantz is here with a solo episode challenge for you on one thing you should give up, right now, for a week that's holding you back. She shares what she did for her "give up challenge" - Instagram - and how it helped change three major things in her life. Plus, Jen shares the top ten skills that companies...

Jan 3, 2020

Hey, you! Welcome to 2020. I know you're overwhelemed with a gnarly to-do list and lots of people barking things at you. I have nothing new for you to do but I do have advice on how you can rummage through your old "stuff" and mine gold that'll help you start the year strong.


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