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You're Not Getting Any Younger

Sep 27, 2019

We hear the words all the time: self-care and self-help. But is it all too much? Too expensive? Too generic? Too trendy? Today, we examine the trends and break down the easy and free ways you can get the self-care you need without making yourself into a downward spiral of too many options that hardly ever work.

Sep 20, 2019

Look, rejection is going to happen. So when it does, what will you do in response? This episode shares a 5-step game plan to tackle rejection, move forward and not give in to giving up.


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Sep 13, 2019

Erin Khar, author of, Strung Out, a memoir about her decade-long battle with opiate addiction that explores the very nature of why people do drugs, casting light on the larger opiate crisis, written with the intention to destigmatize the topic of drug addiction, is on the show today.

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Sep 6, 2019

Ever wondered why you miss people, places and things from your memories? In this week's episode, we chat about how to be more present in the moment instead of chasing moments of the past.


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