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You're Not Getting Any Younger

Mar 28, 2018

This episode is jam-packed with practical tips you can implement today to up your “reaching out” game. From what makes the perfect email subject line to things you should always (and never) include in the body of an email, we dive deep into the anatomy of a solid outreach attempt (personal examples of past failures and wins definitely included!)
Molly Beck is the founder of the podcast creation site Messy Bun; the author of the business book Reach Out; the creator of the lifestyle blog Smart, Pretty & Awkward; a regular contributor to Forbes; and a marketing expert who provides digital strategies for companies including Venmo, Rice University, and Hearst.
This Episode Includes:
  • Molly’s wake-up call from an acquaintance who seemed to “have it all”
  • Where to start when reaching out: who should you contact?
  • Jen describes her two main outreach fears
  • Why it can sometimes be dangerous to meet your heroes
  • Jen details the moment she risked pressing “send” to connect with Molly years ago
  • Throwback to Molly’s first ever blog post
  • Concrete ways you can reach out today
  • What makes a rockstar email subject line
  • Email DO’s and DON’Ts (hint: never ask to “pick someone’s brain”)
  • Jen’s past email faux pas
  • Meeting mentors (and why Molly says to never call them that to their face)
  • Reaching out in person vs. behind a keyboard
  • Critiquing past emails Jen sent Molly
  • More about Messy Bun: a site created to help new podcasters share their story
Molly’s book: Reach Out: The Simple Strategy You Need to Expand Your Network and Increase Your Influence, available at Amazon,, everywhere books are sold (I mean not really but you get the idea)
Messy Bun: Messy Bun;
Molly’s lifestyle blog: Smart, Pretty & Awkward
Molly’s personal website: