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You're Not Getting Any Younger

Apr 16, 2018

Annabelle DeSisto is on the show today with jam-packed witty remarks, embarrassing stories, and lots of laughs -- not to mention her cat named Tuxedo who makes his presence known throughout! From reflecting on middle school bullies to a Twitter tussle with a certain Teen Mom, today’s guest is full of hilarious stories you won’t want to miss!

Annabelle DeSisto is a podcast host, writer, comedian, entrepreneur and single cat mother of 3 living in Los Angeles, CA. She previously wrote for her comedy idol (and Jen’s favorite person ever) Joan Rivers on Fashion Police and is currently writing on Page Six TV.

This Episode Includes:

  • Jen reflects on a time her ex gave her writing feedback that was hard to swallow
  • Annabelle talks about her college experience and why she never picked a major
  • Jen and Annabelle reflect on times psychics steered them wrong… very wrong!
  • Annabelle and Jen talk about how being bullied in middle school shaped their personalities
  • Where Annabelle’s biggest bully is now
  • Annabelle’s beef with a particular Teen Mom
  • Celebrity gossip: which comedians have bad rap in LA?
  • How Annabelle met her first friends in LA
  • Writing for Fashion Police on E! -- how Annabelle got the gig
  • Annabelle talks about what it was like to meet Joan Rivers in person
  • Joan Rivers words of advice on going through any door that opens to you
  • Annabelle reflects on her mental health struggles and starting her own podcast
  • Not letting your insecurities get in the way of a good time