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You're Not Getting Any Younger

Apr 9, 2018

This episode dives into the times we feel stuck and practical tactics we can use to un-stick ourselves in big and small ways. We get real about fostering healthy internal dialogue, overcoming social anxiety, and a new way to push ourselves outside of our comfort zones by accepting challenges from friends!
Meet Cara Thomas, who spent over 10 years inventing award-winning products for Fortune 100 companies. She found that adventure and playfulness led to breakthroughs. In need of that personally, she started Serenflipity as an experiment — and it ended up changing her life. It started with a one-way flight to Mumbai, and 90 challenges written by 90 friends, clients and strangers. Each day she flipped a card, followed its direction and blogged the tale.
This episode includes:
  • Cara talks about her weekend and a recent nudge in the right direction
  • Jen and Cara talk internal dialogue and how our thought patterns can be our best friend or worst enemy
  • Proving people wrong vs. proving people right
  • Cara reflects on a time she felt stuck and how she got unstuck
  • What makes Cara feel most alive
  • What to do if you wake up with the sinking feeling of “what’s going to happen today”.
  • The moment Cara invited her friends to give her challenges that led her to create Serenflipity
  • One of Cara’s favorite challenges: asking the happiest couple in the room their secret to success and what she learned
  • Why Cara now says “Yes” to anything she hears 3 times
  • Jen reflects on the pressures of interacting with people who have an agenda
  • Cara’s tips for getting over social anxiety
  • Jen talks about why she loves reading Serendipity cards with her boyfriend
  • A chance encounter: the moment Cara asked Asking Steven Tyler from Aerosmith for a mantra
  • Some of the best advice Cara ever received
  • Leaving the corporate world to step into her dream life
  • The time Cara got her Serendipity cards into celebrity gift bags (and how it almost didn’t happen!)
  • Jen and Cara reflect on the hecticness of entrepreneurship
  • Speed round and questions from our Facebook group
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FB: @serenflip