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You're Not Getting Any Younger

Nov 26, 2018

Ashley’s need to fight loneliness, both in herself and for others, has led her to where she is today. Her first career out of college was as a matchmaker, which led her to running her own matchmaking company by 24. With a curiosity to connect beyond romantic relationships, she shifted and built her a career as a community developer in the start- up space. From running membership in the early days of NeueHouse to being the Head of Community Development at Wanderlust, she gained a vast knowledge of the needs of different communities and an acute understanding of human behavior. 
After working with many notable brands over the years, she came to two conclusions: 1. In order to have an impact on loneliness, she would need to build technology that would facilitate the work she was doing offline. 2. She didn’t want to keep building community for the top 1%.
in 2015, Ashley fortuitously met her co-founder, Gianna Wurzl, and the solution she desired was born, Quilt. Quilt is a platform the connects female entrepreneurs and freelancers to co-work out of their homes and get paid for it.  
In this episode, we chat about:
Why it's difficult to connect with those around us
How to fight loneliness at anytime in your life
What it was like working for a matchmaker
What is Quilt and why it started to help other women find connection