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You're Not Getting Any Younger

Nov 9, 2018

This week's topic is how dating isn't easy and finding the right person can feel like you're trying to find a turkey on Thanksgiving day - or for us veggies -'s hard and it's confusing and it's a confidence shattering moment.
I'm excited to have Stephanie Ganowski on the show today. She's a relationship coach who works with men to give them the tools they need to overcome anxiety and gain massive confidence.
On this episode, she says:
"You may be trying your best but maybe it's time to try something different."
"We are not made to be a great match for every single person."
"In order to change now, you have to shift your thought process and routine."
We chat about:
  • Why dating isn't easy

  • How to find a list of what you want in a relationship

  • How to change up your daily routine to attract the right person

  • Why confidence can make someone completely drawn to you

  • What the most anxious part of the date is for a man

  • What to do when you're struggling to meet someone despite your best efforts