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You're Not Getting Any Younger

Oct 28, 2018

Chances are you're feeling lonely. Most Americans are either unsatisfied with their friendships or feel super alone in this world. It can be hard to give yourself the motivation to change that. That's where Jillian Richardson comes in.
Jillian is the founder of The Joy List, a weekly newsletter which features events that New Yorkers can go to by themselves and leave with a new friend. She’s also the co-founder of NYC Community Builders and the author of an upcoming book about the most powerful ways to create belonging. When she’s not gathering people, Jillian is ghostwriting thought leadership for CEOs or dancing badly… yet enthusiastically.
In this episode, we chat about:
1. Why most Americans are lonely
2. Why making friends is hard
3. How to get the courage to go to things solo
4. Why she started The Joy List
5. How we can get over our shame of being lonely
6. How to keep conversations flowing with new people
7. Challenges she's faced running a business
8. How to create more joy in our lives
Find out more about Jillian: