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You're Not Getting Any Younger

Sep 21, 2018

We’ve all got our own version of 99 problems and some of them we feel easy and breezy to talk about. I’d surely tell you about my vitamin D deficiency or about a stubborn pimple on my neck that grew into a cyst the size of a tennis ball - over telling you about my finances.
Money is an awkward thing to talk about and often when we have money problems, money questions, or money in our bank account, we don’t know what to do.
Meet Shannon McLay, she spent the first part of her career working for big banks helping rich people get richer until she discovered a substantial need to provide a roadmap for financial health to people of all financial shapes and sizes. She created my own business, The Financial Gym, where we happily transform people's financial lives everyday.
We talk about what to when you’ve made bad money decisions and feel hopeless, why it’s important to invest in yourself, and money mistakes we are all making.
1. Why talking money and what’s in our bank account is the ultimate awkward topic to talk about
2. How to be more oepn about talking about money to people in your life and even to financial professionals
3. The different kind of money struggles that both men and women sometimes have & how nobody has their money situation truly figured out.
4. Shannon shares her conspiracy theory as to why financial advice isn’t shared in college or taught in schools.
5. How to become financially literate at any age or time in your life.
6. What Shannon’s 30-year-old breakdown was like and how it led her to quit her job and become an entrepreneur
7. Shannon gives advice for budding entreprenurs who want to start their own business but not drain their entire savings account.
8. Why investing in yourself can be less risky than investing in the stock market.
9. Shannon shares the biggest mistakes they make when it comes to managing their money.
10. What the cash diet is and how it can help you stop overspending.
11. Shannon gives advice to those who are financially in a low place and don’t feel like there’s a light at the end of their financial tunnel.
Check out The Financial Gym here.