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You're Not Getting Any Younger

Jun 11, 2018

Have you ever struggled with acne or been ashamed of something about yourself that you wanted to hide? From sharing her acne journey in a viral video to coming out online, Cassandra is the face of courage and bravery. In this episode, Cassandra teaches us how to embrace the journey and extract the good from any situation life throws your way.

This episode includes:

  • Jen and Cassandra open up about their lifelong struggles with acne
  • Dealing with the pain and shame: how Cassandra dealt with painful cystic acne that covered 80% of her body
  • The stress factor: Cassandra opens up about her secret relationship with another girl and how hard it was to not having anyone to reach out to after their breakup
  • Cassandra opens up about getting bullied in school and how it still affects her today
  • Why Cassandra graduated high school early and decided to go to esthetic school
  • Cassandra talks modeling and self-esteem
  • Going viral: Cassandra’s first Youtube video where she bared it all to help others
  • How Cassandra pushes through posting Youtube videos even when she isn’t feeling or looking her best
  • Cassandra’s advice for when you feel alone and how to use the internet to find community
  • Cassandra reveals what helped her heal her own acne, and offers advice to others struggling with their own skin problems
  • Why your pillow and laundry detergent can play a part in your acne
  • Cassandra talks about coming out to her friends, family, and Youtube