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You're Not Getting Any Younger

Mar 28, 2018

This juicy episode dives headfirst into the secrets, wins and woes of relationships with online dating expert Laurie Davis Edwards. From a discussion on what makes a great profile pic, the importance of going outside of your comfort zone, staying strong in the face rejection and when to say “yes to maybe”, this is a must-listen for anyone who has taken the leap into the expansive world of online dating.
Laurie Davis, author of “Love at First Click” entered the online dating world long before it was cool. Because of that, she started “Eflirt” to help others go on more amazing first dates and find their right matches. She’s also the founder of the “The Worthy One”, a coaching experience designed to empower people to get clarity in their love lives and attract the right person for them. She’s helped hundreds (if not thousands) of people find love, and is eager to share her wealth of online dating and relationship knowledge.
This episode includes:
  • This episode includes:
    • How often to change your profile photos (the reason why will surprise you!)
    • Bios: why you need one and what to include
    • Why to slow your swipe and start saying “yes to maybes”
    • The ambitious (and often uncomfortable) online dating experiment that led Jen to ultimately meet her boyfriend
    • Things to keep in mind in the face of rejection
    • Going outside of your comfort zone
    • Are they really intimidated by your success? The stories we tell ourselves to make sense of it all
    • What you can do today to combat your “I’m not good enough” story
    • Shifting your self-talk and creating healthy beliefs through emotional self-care
    • Is there one true way to know to know if you’re with the right person?
    • The one question Jen asked her boyfriend that she instantly regretted
    • That one time Laurie was catfished
    • The “why” behind The Worthy Ones
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    Laurie’s matchmaking services: